About Us

Our Purpose

Skindoc’s purpose is to bring rapid, convenient, and quality skin care to every home in the nation.

  • As a small business we can afford to bring you a much more personalised experience.
  • We care about our environment and your health. We harness the latest in online technology to bring healthcare to you, in a place that is familiar and comfortable without the need to travel.
  • We bring you the best, by the best – top quality UK dermatologists that know the optimum ways to get you the care you want.

Our Partnerships

British population studies show that skin disease is becoming an increasingly unmanageable healthcare crisis. The increasing burden of skin disease accompanied by a shortage of trained consultant dermatologists has created unacceptably long NHS waiting times. This has led to the public being forced to make do with less than ideal alternatives as well as wrong diagnoses and ineffective treatment by non-specialists. In plain-English, the existing system of getting your skin sorted is not working and we want to help.

We work with the NHS, charities, educational platforms and complementary professionals to spread the word and to help connect those in need with our professionals who can not only improve the nations physical skin health but their mental wellbeing too.

The Environment

We care about the World you live in. Online services have been shown to reduce the healthcare industries carbon footprint by as much as 70 times plus being a primarily digital business that means virtually zero paper and plastic pollution. Furthermore, removing the need to travel and attend hospitals also reduces transport-related greenhouse gas emission for both you and us. Win-win.

We however wanted to go one step further. That’s why we have pledged our commitment to the environment by working with the climate crisis enterprise ecologi. We maintain a constant proportion of our revenue stream is donated to ecologi every month to ensure hundreds of new trees are planted every single year.

Meet the Team

Dr Sreedhar Krishna | Co-founder

MBBS, Cert Math, BSc (Hons.), PG Cert HRes, PG Cert Bioinf, PGDip MedEd, MA, MPhil, MClinRes, MSc, M

Dr Sreedhar Krishna is an NHS Consultant Dermatologist working in South London. He studied at Oxford University, Cambridge University and Imperial College London during which he was awarded seven national prizes for his contribution towards Dermatology and academia.

He has published research in numerous specialist journals and presents cutting-edge research on an international level. He has an established interest in General Dermatology (including acne), Cellular Dermatology and Dermatopathology. He is registered with the General Medical Council, Royal College of Physicians, and a member of the British Association of Dermatologists.

Dr James Denny | Co-founder

MBChB, BSc (Hons.), MRCP(UK), PG Cert MedEd, PG Cert Clinical Leadership (Darzi)

Dr James Denny works as a Dermatologist at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He simultaneously obtained his Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery and a First Class Honours degree in Microbiology at the University of Leeds. Dr Denny also completed Postgraduate Certifications in Medical Education and Lord Darzi's prestigious fellowship in Clinical Leadership which was completed with distinction. He has been awarded several prizes most notably from The Royal Society of Medicine.

Dr Denny is an expert in virtual/online Dermatology having designed and developed the new Teledermatology service at the largest Dermatology unit in the United Kingdom. He is registered with the General Medical Council, Royal College of Physicians, and a member of the British Association of Dermatologists.

Dr Natasha Valiallah | Senior Manager & Social Media Administrator

MBChB, BSc, PG Cert MedEd

Dr Natasha Valiallah is an NHS General Practioner working in North London, and one with a specific interest in Dermatology and online media. She studied at Leeds University and Kings College, London where she obtained accolades in both Medicine and Psychology.

She completed a fellowship in Dermatology via the highly-accredited South London Network and has published and presented both regionally and nationally, including for the Royal Society of Medicine.

She is registered with the General Medical Council, Royal College of GPs, and is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists. Dr Valiallah does not currently provide clinical services but collectively supports all skindoc enterprises plus our presence on social media and the press.