At skindoc. we want to make our service as widely accessible as possible. We appreciate that everyone is different and there are plenty of individuals that suffer from a range of disabilities that makes access to healthcare a challenge.

To help improve our accessibility we are working to update our services using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The most up to date guidelines (version 2.1) are available here.

These guidelines lay out ways to make online services more accessible and user-friendly and provide a tiered system for which providers should aim for. skindoc has chosen the highest achievable level (AAA) as its target for compliance.


What we have achieved so far

  • Successfully integrated a 100% remote model of healthcare - This is most useful to those with mobility issues or those with trouble leaving their residence, either physically or psychologically.
  • Chat function added to video conference software - This is most useful to those with speech impediments, hearing difficulties or those with significant language barriers. It also improves access to information by enhancing doctor-patient sharing capabilities.

Our future goals

  • We are planning on a big future update to the video software where we will add a micro-delayed subtitle auto-generator. This is primarily aimed at those with hearing difficulties and should improve not only their experience but reduce the reply-delay meaning these individuals can make the most of their appointment.
  • Text only function - This is most useful to those with visual difficulties where contrasting colours, contrasting fonts and small text sizes are a challenge. Individuals can choose to simplify what aspects of the website are and are not viewable.

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can better please contact us. You can reach us at