What we can offer to journalists and the media

skindoc is leading the way for online Dermatology care at a time when the mHealth/HealthTech industry is experiencing a revolutionary change - it is has been moving from misunderstood to undeniably essential.

We have learned an incredible amount about the online Dermatology market and through conception, to build, to provision we have seen how much online skin care has empowered both patients and doctors alike. We have witnessed seismic shifts in accessibility wirh us being able to deliver expert level care to the most far-flung and remote areas of the United Kingdom.

We also care deeply about our NHS and how technology can support it in providing World-class care. After all, skindoc was born from NHS professionals so who else would know better than the very doctors helping it along its journey?

As such, skindoc can offer a breadth of information for journalists, health and wellbeing organisations, bloggers, vloggers and the like. Our Directors are Dermatologists often provide commentary on topics related to skin but also relevant topics in healthcare and online technology.

skindoc's educational arm DermCoach™ also offers a growing provision of teaching to healthcare and allied professions ensuring the future generations of skin care experts.

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