This option is designed specifically for those looking for the acne treatment isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is the true name of the medication, but it is more often referred to as Roaccutane or Accutane.

The current NHS waiting times for isotretinoin are long, with some patients receiving appointments for 18 months’ time. Acne can be an irreversible scarring condition and needs rapid treatment to prevent this. Acne can have significant effect on an individual’s quality of life - if this is the case, isotretinoin may well be the best option for you.

Most other Dermatology clinics offer expensive packages with little flexibility. We recognise that everyone is different, so we offer a pay-as-you-go style service instead.

If isotretinoin is something you are considering and you would like to know more, you may want to read our guide ‘ Isotretinoin (Roaccutane/Accutane) - Everything you need to know’.

The service works similarly to our ‘Live consultation’ option but with added extras. Booking a consultation with one of our doctors will give you full access to everything that skindoc can offer with 1:1 care from your Dermatologist, informational material, personalised clinical letters, a prescription, and extended-hours administrative support. Women also receive a complimentary pregnancy monitoring back (if applicable) and all paperwork is digital.

Please note that a mandatory ID check is required before we can address your problem.

How it works


Choose your doctor and when you want to be seen


Upload photographs


See your doctor from the comfort of your own home


Get help with blood tests +/- complimentary pregnancy pack (women only)


Get treatment sent directly to you

Consultations are provided via an industry-grade encrypted video link and can be accessed from anywhere in the World. As such, if you want friends or family members to join you, we can provide them with a link as well. Picture this – you are at home; your doctor is 200 miles away and your mum can be there too... all the way from Jamaica! We harness the power of technology to make this happen and help you feel connected and supported every step of the way.

The Benefits

  • Significantly cheaper than high street clinics
  • Receive a generous 30 minutes with your doctor
  • Comprehensive clinical letter(s)
  • Patient information leaflet(s)
  • Prescription*
  • Blood tests can be arranged**
  • Free pregnancy monitoring pack for all women of child-bearing potential
  • Digital consent (no paperwork!)
  • We liaise with your GP for you (with your permission)
  • Invite friends/family from anywhere in the World to join the call
  • Extended-hours access to administrative support
  • Can be accessed on all devices
  • No app download needed

The Limitations

  • The medication is not for everyone; there are risks associated
  • Several appointments are required to complete a full treatment course, although follow up appointments are at a reduced price
  • Blood tests are required a few times during your treatment course, but we have access to the most affordable kits in the UK

Summary of Costs


  • Initial appointment: £170
  • Follow-up appointments: £130 (on average 5-6 for women, 3-4 for men)***
  • Blood tests: Home Blood Test Kits (£75 each) vs. Private Clinics (£200-300 each) with normally 2-4 being required). Free via your GP if they are happy to do them.
  • Pregnancy tests: FREE! from skindoc (we send you a pack with everything that you need)
  • Medication: Approximately £25-100 per month depending on the pharmacy (5-6 months is the average for a complete course)


All in all, a rough estimate for a six month course of 1:1 Consultant-led treatment for a woman is in the region of £1100-1500 and £1000-1200 for men.

Please be aware, that the price quoted is for the service only. It does not include the cost of medication or any suggested investigations e.g. blood tests.

**Blood test kits are for over 18-year-olds only. They are a convenient and affordable option but please be aware there is a small chance of failure and so may not yield results.

***The reason women require more is due to strict monitoring and pregnancy prevention, as dictated by guidance produced by the British Association of Dermatologists. Isotretinoin is a highly regulated medication, and we must abide by this guidance.