Are you looking for a Dermatology service to help your trust or borough? Anybody in the know is aware of the mounting pressures experienced by NHS Dermatology units across the country. Even before COVID-19 struck, over 50% of units were breaching targets and the demand just keeps growing.

We can provide NHS-trained Dermatology specialists to help you meet demand. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider working with skindoc:

  • skindoc. was founded by NHS Dermatologists who are intimately aware of the pressures NHS Dermatology services experience.
  • We offer access to dynamic UK-trained Dermatology specialists from across the UK.
  • We can address almost all types of skin complaints (nb suspected skin cancers are not included unless dermatoscopic imaging can be provided).
  • We only employ those who still work for the NHS ensuring they understand, still contribute to, and are actively involved in supporting the nation’s core healthcare provider.
  • We only employ doctors and nurses who are verified to work in the UK, are GMC/NMC-registered and competent to all standards mandated by the NHS.
  • Our vetting process is rigorous and done exclusively by the Directors, all of whom are NHS Dermatologists.
  • Our technology, systems and processes were created in line with guidance and policy dictated by the NHS, including those developed by NHS Digital and NHSx. Please see our Regulation page to see the extent to which we strive to achieve excellence.
  • We are very flexible and able to adapt to varied demand throughout the year.
  • There is no minimum service requirement. No matter how small the need we can accommodate you.
  • We can easily integrate with eRS/NHS spine.
  • We are very responsive and offer extended opening hours of 08:00 - 20:00, 7 days a week.
  • We can offer local surgical support (dependent on location of doctor)

If you would like to discuss utilising skindoc for your ICB or Trust, please contact us at